Website Launched! | CoreStats

Website Launched!

CoreStats team gives you a warm welcome to our website! With the launch of this site we try to express our data analysis skills to respond to the needs of your data, which we’ll try to carry out with lots of enthusiasm.

We at CoreStats find that data is underutilized especially, in Suriname. We would like to bridge the gap and help in providing qualitative research possibilities. The way we visualize data is very important in an era, where ICT solutions make the World virtually smaller. Adequate decisionmaking must be timely. Here the visualization process must be streamlined for that.
CoreStats is an initiative of academics from different backgrounds combined together. So we can deliver number crunching solutions and analysis in various fields, from economics to environmental research.
In our analysis we rely heavily on statistical research methods and use the latest tools for that like Eviews, Matlab, SPSS, R. We also developed tools like Forms and LiveView to aid us in the process. We keep track of the latest research methodologies, which are implemented in our projects.
Keep following us and don't hesitate to make contact. Let us help you visualize data the right way.