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Agro-X: The App for All to Map!

On 23/24 Aug. 2014 CoreMinions 2.0 participated at the Telesur / IT-Core Hackathon v2.0.14. Within 24 hours a web application needed to be developed which would address a social topic with the gamification theme in mind.

Agro-X was the developed solution as an agriculture webapp and an Android app. With Agro-X various markers can be placed, markers for crops, trading places, wells etc. can be placed on any place in the World with additional information.

The app had community collaboration in it; anyone can place a marker and everyone can vote on the marker if it's credible or not with the possibility of also placing comments. The whole system is also based on a credits system where leaderboards are kept on who are the top contributors.

CoreMinions 2.0 team consisted partly of CoreStats, this to collaborate with others and share knowledge. The team members:
- John Ramdat Tewarie
- Karuna Soeknandan
- Manish Ramjiawan
- Satya Soeknandan

See the webapp:

We also would want to congratulate the winners Team Unicode and wish them all the best with the further development of their app.