i-Score Hackathon 2013 | CoreStats

i-Score Hackathon 2013

On the Hackathon of 2013, organized by IT-Core and Telesur, a team named CoreMinions participated and placed 3rd on the final rankings.

The chosen theme was integrating modern mobile technologies in an educative solution for improving children's education. The focus was on the web application which served as portal for students, parents, teachers and schools in which interactive quizzes could be developed on various course subjects linked to the school's curriculum.

Team in meetingThe web application would give insights in the progress of the students based on their quiz results and actual course marks. A sophisticated algorithm would be used to enable to forecast the students mark for the following course exam. This system would stimulate the continuous improvement of the students.

The target is to implement this system nationwide where insightful analytics could be aquired for trend analysis with the aim of improving the educational system.


The delivered solutions were:

  • mobile application
  • web application
  • website

CoreStats took the initiative over and is currently developing the applications further. A planned launch is set for 2014.

Feel free to explore the website and the application at www.i-score.corestats.biz!